Exploring the Spotify Iceberg: What You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of the Spotify Iceberg? It’s a term that’s been gaining traction among music fans and Spotify users alike. But what is it exactly, and why is it generating so much buzz? In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Spotify Iceberg.

What is the Spotify Iceberg?

The Spotify Iceberg is a metaphorical representation of the vast library of music that Spotify offers its users. Just as an iceberg only shows a small portion of its mass above the surface of the water, Spotify users only scratch the surface of the massive collection of music the platform has to offer.

The term Spotify Iceberg originated on Reddit, where users discussed how they had discovered obscure songs on the platform that had few, if any, listens. This led to the realization that there was a massive amount of music on Spotify that was largely undiscovered by the majority of users.

How Does the Spotify Iceberg Work?

Spotify has over 70 million songs available on its platform, with an additional 60,000 tracks added daily. Despite this, users tend to stick to the same popular songs and playlists, leaving the majority of the library untouched.

The Spotify algorithm recommends songs to users based on their listening habits, but it often recommends popular songs and playlists rather than exploring lesser-known tracks. This is where the Spotify Iceberg comes in – it represents the vast amount of music that is largely undiscovered by the majority of users.

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Why is the Spotify Iceberg Important?

The Spotify Iceberg is important because it highlights the value of exploring the lesser-known tracks on the platform. There are countless undiscovered gems on Spotify that can only be found by digging deeper into the library.

Furthermore, supporting these lesser-known artists can be beneficial for them, as they receive a fraction of a penny for each stream on Spotify. By exploring the Spotify Iceberg, users can discover and support up-and-coming artists that they may not have otherwise come across.

How to Explore the Spotify Iceberg?

Exploring the Spotify Iceberg can be an exciting and rewarding experience for music fans. Here are some tips for how to explore the lesser-known tracks on Spotify:

  1. Use the Discover Weekly playlist – This playlist is updated every Monday and is personalized to each user’s listening habits. It often features lesser-known tracks that users may not have discovered otherwise.
  2. Explore related artists – When viewing an artist’s page, check out the “Fans also like” section for recommendations on similar, lesser-known artists.
  3. Use playlists created by other users – Many users create playlists specifically to showcase lesser-known tracks and artists. These playlists can be found by searching for keywords such as “undiscovered” or “hidden gems.”
  4. Use Spotify’s genre pages – Spotify has pages dedicated to various genres that feature lesser-known artists and tracks.


1. Can I access the Spotify Iceberg on mobile devices?

Yes, the Spotify Iceberg can be accessed on any device that supports the Spotify app.

2. Will exploring the Spotify Iceberg affect my personalized recommendations?

No, exploring the Spotify Iceberg will not negatively affect your personalized recommendations. In fact, it may help to diversify your recommendations and introduce you to new artists.

3. How do I support lesser-known artists on Spotify?

You can support lesser-known artists on Spotify by streaming their music, following them on social media, and attending their shows when possible.

4. Is the Spotify Iceberg limited to any specific genres of music?

No, the Spotify Iceberg is not limited to any specific genres of music. It encompasses the entire library of music available on Spotify.

5. Are there any tools or resources to help explore the Spotify Iceberg?

Yes, there are several tools and resources available to help explore the Spotify Iceberg. One such resource is the website Forgotify, which plays songs on Spotify that have never been streamed before. This can be a great way to discover obscure tracks that would otherwise remain hidden.

6. How can I create my own playlists of lesser-known tracks?

To create your own playlist of lesser-known tracks, start by exploring the Discover Weekly playlist and related artists as mentioned earlier. You can also search for keywords such as “undiscovered” or “hidden gems” to find playlists created by other users.

7. How does supporting lesser-known artists on Spotify benefit them?

Supporting lesser-known artists on Spotify can benefit them in several ways. Firstly, they receive a fraction of a penny for each stream on the platform, so increased streams can help to provide them with a source of income. Additionally, increased exposure on the platform can lead to more opportunities for shows and other musical ventures.

8. Are there any downsides to exploring the Spotify Iceberg?

One potential downside to exploring the Spotify Iceberg is the time and effort required to dig through the vast library of music. It can also be overwhelming to try to navigate the platform’s extensive collection of tracks. However, the rewards of discovering new and exciting music make it well worth the effort.


The Spotify Iceberg is a metaphorical representation of the vast library of music available on the platform that is largely undiscovered by the majority of users. Exploring the Spotify Iceberg can be an exciting and rewarding experience for music fans, and can help to support up-and-coming artists on the platform. With the tips and resources provided in this article, users can start to discover the lesser-known tracks and hidden gems that make up the Spotify Iceberg.

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