Senator Feinstein Hospitalized After Falling in San Francisco Home


Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, was hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon after a fall at her home in San Francisco and returned to her residence after an examination showed no serious injuries, her spokesman said.

The senator, 90, tripped over a chair in her kitchen around 1 p.m., according to her office.

She was admitted briefly to the medical center at the University of California, San Francisco, “as a precaution,” Adam Russell, her spokesman, said on Wednesday. He added that she had remained there for an hour or two until doctors determined that her scans were clear.

Ms. Feinstein’s health has been a growing concern since February, when she was hospitalized with a severe case of shingles. Complications from the illness kept her home until May, and she has relied heavily on staff members to perform her duties on Capitol Hill this year. She and other lawmakers are in their home states for Congress’s August recess.

Ms. Feinstein has required extensive home care, the cost of which has become part of a dispute over control of the estate of her late husband, Richard C. Blum, a wealthy financier. When she was recovering from shingles in San Francisco this spring, she relied on housekeepers and home health aides. She also was accompanied by a health aide when she returned to Washington in May.

The senator has granted her only child, Katherine Feinstein, power of attorney over her legal affairs. Katherine Feinstein, a former Superior Court judge in San Francisco, has filed two lawsuits challenging how Mr. Blum’s estate is being handled by trustees.

Ms. Feinstein is among a number of aging senators whose health issues have become a focus on Capitol Hill. She was recently absent from her work on the Senate Judiciary Committee while she battled illness, prompting some in her own party to call for her resignation.

On the Republican side, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader, has also had health issues: He had a concussion after falling at a fund-raising event in March and froze midsentence while speaking at a news conference last month, leading to speculation about who might succeed him if he were to retire.

Both lawmakers have said they plan to finish their terms.

TMZ reported earlier that Ms. Feinstein had been taken to the hospital after a fall. Mr. Russell described the incident as “minor.”

Luke Broadwater contributed reporting from Washington.


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