Exploring the Magnificence of Joel Osteen House: A Comprehensive Guide


Joel Osteen, the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, is one of the most prominent religious figures in America. With a net worth of over $100 million, Osteen is known for his charismatic personality and powerful sermons. But did you know that he also owns one of the most magnificent houses in the country? The Joel Osteen House is a sight to behold, with its stunning architecture and luxurious features. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the house, its design, and the amenities that make it one of the most coveted properties in America.

Joel Osteen Wiki

NameJoel Osteen
BornMarch 5, 1963
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, United States
OccupationPastor, televangelist, author
DenominationNon-denominational Christianity
SpouseVictoria Osteen
ChildrenJonathan, Alexandra
EducationOral Roberts University (dropped out)
MinistryLakewood Church
Books– Your Best Life Now
– Become a Better You
– The Power of I Am

History of Joel Osteen House

The Joel Osteen House, also known as the Osteen Estate, is located in River Oaks, Houston. The property was originally built in 1939 for the Jordan family, a wealthy oil family in Houston. The house was designed by John Staub, a renowned architect who was known for his Georgian-style homes. The property was later sold to several owners before it was purchased by Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria in 2010.

Features of Joel Osteen House

The Joel Osteen House is a stunning property that boasts of a unique design and luxurious amenities. Here are some of the most notable features of the house:

1. Architecture and Design

The house was designed by John Staub and features a Georgian-style architecture. The exterior of the house is made of brick, and the roof is made of slate. The property sits on a sprawling 1.8-acre lot and has a total of 17,000 square feet of living space. The house has a total of six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and three half-bathrooms.

2. Swimming Pool and Spa

The house features a stunning swimming pool and spa area. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery and features a beautiful fountain. The pool area is perfect for hosting parties or relaxing after a long day.

3. Movie Theater

The Joel Osteen House has a state-of-the-art movie theater that can seat up to 20 people. The theater features a 3D projector and a surround sound system, making it the perfect place to watch movies with family and friends.

4. Gourmet Kitchen

The house has a gourmet kitchen that is equipped with the latest appliances and features. The kitchen has a large island, a double oven, and a gas range. The kitchen is perfect for hosting dinner parties or cooking meals for the family.

5. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

The house also features an outdoor kitchen and dining area. The outdoor kitchen has a built-in grill, a refrigerator, and a sink. The dining area is perfect for hosting outdoor dinner parties or barbecues.

6. Guest House

The Joel Osteen House also has a guest house that is perfect for hosting guests. The guest house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living area. The guest house is perfect for hosting out-of-town guests or family members.

Controversies Surrounding Joel Osteen House

Despite the luxurious features and unique design of the Joel Osteen House, it has also been the subject of controversy. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and caused severe flooding in several areas. Many Houstonians were forced to evacuate their homes, and Lakewood Church, which is owned by Joel Osteen, was criticized for not opening its doors to the displaced residents. This incident led to several criticisms of Joel Osteen and his family, with many people questioning their commitment to helping those in need.

Additionally, there have been criticisms of Joel Osteen’s wealth and the lavish lifestyle that he and his family lead. Some people argue that as a religious leader, Joel Osteen should be more focused on serving his community and helping the less fortunate, rather than living in a luxurious mansion. However, supporters of Joel Osteen argue that he is entitled to his wealth and that he has used his platform to inspire and motivate millions of people around the world.


The Joel Osteen House is a magnificent property that showcases the unique design and luxurious features that are synonymous with Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood. The house boasts of a stunning architecture, a state-of-the-art movie theater, a gourmet kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen and dining area, among other features. Despite the controversies surrounding Joel Osteen’s wealth and his family’s lifestyle, the Joel Osteen House remains a testament to their success and influence in the religious community.

Whether you’re a fan of Joel Osteen or simply curious about the house, a visit to the Joel Osteen House is sure to be a memorable experience. However, it’s important to remember that the house is a private residence and not open to the public. Nonetheless, the Joel Osteen House continues to be an iconic property that represents the wealth and influence of one of America’s most prominent religious leaders.

FAQs about Joel Osteen House

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Joel Osteen House:

Q1. How much did Joel Osteen pay for the house?

Joel Osteen purchased the house for $10.5 million in 2010.

Q2. Does Joel Osteen live in the house full-time?

Yes, Joel Osteen and his family live in the house full-time.

Q3. Can you tour the Joel Osteen House?

No, the Joel Osteen House is a private residence

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