How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

In the digital era, YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for entertainment and information. With YouTube Premium, users can enhance their experience by enjoying ad-free videos, offline playback, and background play. However, subscribing to YouTube Premium requires a monthly fee. In this article, we will explore various methods to get YouTube Premium for free, allowing you to unlock its premium features without spending a dime.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service offered by YouTube that provides additional features and benefits beyond what is available on the regular YouTube platform. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, users gain access to ad-free videos, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and the option to play videos in the background while using other apps or when the screen is turned off.

Benefits of YouTube Premium

Before diving into the methods of obtaining YouTube Premium for free, let’s explore some of the enticing benefits that come with a subscription.

Ad-free Viewing

One of the most appealing aspects of YouTube Premium is the elimination of advertisements. Advertisements can disrupt the viewing experience, interrupting the flow of content and sometimes appearing at the most inconvenient moments. With YouTube Premium, you can bid farewell to those pesky ads and enjoy uninterrupted video playback.

Offline Playback

Another valuable feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to download videos for offline viewing. This is particularly useful when you’re on the go, in areas with poor internet connectivity, or when you simply want to save data. By downloading your favorite videos in advance, you can watch them later without relying on an internet connection.

Background Play

YouTube Premium also allows you to play videos in the background, even when you switch to other apps or lock your device. This means you can listen to music, podcasts, or educational content while performing other tasks on your phone or tablet, maximizing your productivity and entertainment simultaneously.

Methods to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Now, let’s explore several legitimate methods through which you can access YouTube Premium for free and enjoy its premium features without paying the subscription fee.

Free Trial

YouTube offers a free trial for YouTube Premium, allowing users to experience the benefits of the service for a limited time before committing to a subscription. The duration of the free trial may vary, but it typically ranges from one to three months

depending on promotional offers. During the trial period, you can enjoy ad-free viewing, offline playback, and background play just like a regular YouTube Premium subscriber. To start your free trial, simply visit the YouTube Premium website and follow the instructions to sign up.

YouTube Premium Student Plan

If you’re a student, you can take advantage of the YouTube Premium Student Plan. This plan offers a discounted subscription rate for eligible students. To qualify, you typically need to provide proof of your enrollment in an accredited educational institution. With the Student Plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of YouTube Premium at a more affordable price.

T-Mobile and Verizon Offers

Some mobile carriers, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, offer special promotions that include free access to YouTube Premium. If you’re a customer of these carriers or considering switching to them, check their respective websites or contact their customer support to inquire about any current offers. These deals can provide you with complimentary YouTube Premium access as part of your mobile plan.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app available for Android users that allows you to earn Google Play credits by completing surveys. These credits can be used to purchase various items on the Google Play Store, including a YouTube Premium subscription. By answering surveys and accumulating credits, you can effectively get YouTube Premium for free by utilizing the rewards you earn.

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YouTube Vanced

For those who are comfortable with alternative methods, YouTube Vanced is a popular option. It is a modified version of the official YouTube app that offers many premium features, including ad-blocking, background play, and even the ability to download videos. YouTube Vanced is not available on official app stores and requires manual installation, but it provides a way to enjoy YouTube Premium-like features without paying for a subscription.

Risks and Considerations

While the methods mentioned above can grant you access to YouTube Premium without direct payment, it’s important to consider some factors. Firstly, be aware of the legality of these methods in your region. Some methods, like free trials and student plans, are legitimate and officially offered by YouTube, while others, like using modified apps, may be against YouTube’s terms of service or even illegal in certain jurisdictions.

Additionally, some methods may come with limitations or restrictions. Free trials have a limited duration, after which you’ll be charged the regular subscription fee if you don’t cancel in time. Student plans require ongoing verification of your student status. Modified apps like YouTube Vanced may not receive official updates or support, potentially resulting in compatibility issues or security risks.

Before choosing a method, consider your personal preferences, ethical stance, and willingness to navigate potential risks and limitations.


While YouTube Premium offers exclusive features for a subscription fee, there are legitimate ways to access those premium benefits for free. By utilizing free trials, student plans, carrier promotions, earning Google Play credits through surveys, or using modified apps like YouTube Vanced, you can enhance your YouTube experience without spending money.

However, it’s crucial to understand the legal and practical implications of each method and make an informed decision that aligns with your values and preferences. Always be aware of any potential risks or limitations associated with these methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Is it legal to get YouTube Premium for free?

Yes, there are legal methods to access YouTube Premium for free, such as utilizing free trials or student plans offered by YouTube. However, using modified apps or other unofficial methods may infringe upon YouTube’s terms of service or local laws.

FAQ 2: Can I use YouTube Vanced on iOS devices?

No, YouTube Vanced is primarily designed for Android devices. However, there are alternative modified apps available for iOS devices, although their functionality may vary.

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