Who doesn’t know the largest company, Amazon? Well, almost everyone is aware of its popularity. Amazon started as just a normal bookstore, and it has expanded to every corner of the world, providing countless services. For the time being, they sell a multitude of products online and cover a variety of complementary areas, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming, as well as owning more than 40 subsidiaries in many other areas. Therefore, it is a sane idea to invest in the amazon share price, which is $140.44 for the time being. As we go further in the blog, we will discuss the benefits of investing in Amazon shares.

There are indeed many weaknesses they possess in the market. However, isn’t that how the world of investment is? You need to be very careful and should be updated on recent market trends before investing. The world of investing itself is a challenge. Let us discuss the benefits of investing in Amazon shares, and as we reach the end of the article, we will briefly discuss what you should keep in mind to avoid the potential risks.

Financial performance 

The financial performance of Amazon has always been remarkable since it gained prominence in the market. It hasn’t stopped since! Do not forget that the company has reached a $1 trillion market cap following impressive fourth-quarter results. Although there are so many challenges in the market, despite that, Amazon shares have managed to rise more than 7% thanks to stellar sales and strong cloud revenue. This strong performance reaffirms Amazon’s strategic investment decisions, building confidence in the market. And no wonder investors are taking a keen interest in investing in Amazon shares to build up their finances for the future.

The loyal customer base of Amazon

The customer base at Amazon is solid. Data shows that 58% of online shoppers start their search on Amazon, surpassing the 25% who start with Google. Impressively, a countless number of people are happy with their customer experience and the services that are offered by Amazon. Online shopping is in the hands of Amazon. These statistics show that the influence of Amazon on people is positive. Therefore, going for Amazon shares is a wise decision to make when it comes to investing.

The growth of AWS

Without a doubt, the growth of AWS has been a lucrative attraction for investors. However, they aren’t necessarily hampered by low margins in Amazon’s core e-commerce business. Amazon offers extremely feasible customer service, and people are happy with their services as well. Their benefits, like subscription offers such as Prime Video, help their customers stay connected. The combination of the rapidly growing, highly profitable business at AWS and the retail business delivers unique experiences.

Wrapping up 

To sum up, investing in Amazon shares is worth taking risks for. In addition, its competitor, Walmart, walmart share price of $165.08. It has been fluctuating as well; however, that is how a market is; you never know what will happen. Hence, to make your journey more feasible in the world of investing, it is a wise decision to partner up with the 5paisa team. With their expertise, they will help you in every possible way.

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