Deshaun Watson’s Contract: A Journey Through NFL’s Quarterback’s Deals and Controversies


In the world of professional football, quarterbacks hold a special place as the leaders and playmakers of their teams. One such prominent quarterback is Deshaun Watson, known for his skills, achievements, and legal controversies. This article delves into the life and career of Deshaun Watson, his contract with the Houston Texans, and the subsequent trade request that shook the NFL.

Who is Deshaun Watson?

Deshaun Watson, born on September 14, 1995, in Gainesville, Georgia, is an American football quarterback. He gained national attention during his college football days, displaying outstanding talent and leading the Clemson Tigers to victory in the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship.

Deshaun Watson’s NFL Career

Early Life and College Football

Before his NFL journey, Deshaun Watson was a college football sensation at Clemson University. He received numerous accolades for his performances, including the Davey O’Brien Award and the Manning Award.

Entry into the NFL

In 2017, Deshaun Watson declared for the NFL Draft, where the Houston Texans selected him as the 12th overall pick. His arrival in the NFL marked the beginning of an impressive career.

Deshaun Watson’s Contract with the Houston Texans

Initial Contract Details

Upon joining the Houston Texans, Deshaun Watson signed a four-year rookie contract. The deal included a signing bonus and various performance-based incentives.

Success and Achievements

During his time with the Texans, Watson demonstrated his exceptional skills on the field, earning Pro Bowl selections and becoming a vital part of the team’s offense.

Impact on the Team

Watson’s contributions to the Texans were immense, elevating the team’s performance and bringing hope to their fans. He led the team to multiple victories and playoff appearances.

The Trade Request and Legal Issues

The Trade Request

Despite his on-field successes, Deshaun Watson expressed his desire to be traded away from the Texans, citing disagreements with the team’s management and direction.

Legal Controversies and Settlements

Amidst the trade request, Deshaun Watson faced multiple legal allegations of misconduct and sexual assault. The legal issues complicated the trade negotiations and impacted Watson’s reputation.

Deshaun Watson’s Contract with the New Team

Trade Outcome

After an intense period of speculation and negotiation, Deshaun Watson was eventually traded to a new team, providing him with a fresh start.

Revised Contract Terms

Following the trade, Watson’s contract was renegotiated, reflecting his importance to the new team’s future success.

The Future of Deshaun Watson’s Career

As Deshaun Watson embarks on a new chapter with his new team, the football world is eager to witness his performance and potential comeback to greatness.


Deshaun Watson’s journey in the NFL has been filled with triumphs, challenges, and controversies. From his college days to his trade to a new team, Watson’s career continues to captivate fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

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