Guts Build in Elden Ring: Unleashing the Inner Warrior

Guts Build, a popular character build in the highly anticipated game Elden Ring, offers players a unique and exhilarating gameplay experience. With its emphasis on strength, power, and relentless aggression, Guts Build allows players to embody the ferocity of a warrior on the battlefield. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of Guts Build, how to create one, strategies for success, variations, optimization tips, and more. So, grab your weapons and prepare to delve into the world of Guts Build!

Introduction to “Guts Build” in Elden Ring

Character builds play a crucial role in the Soulsborne genre, and Elden Ring is no exception. Guts Build, inspired by the iconic protagonist of the “Berserk” manga series, centers around wielding massive weapons, inflicting devastating damage, and surviving even the harshest encounters. This build is designed for players seeking an intense and aggressive playstyle that rewards boldness and calculated risk-taking.

Understanding the Basics of Character Builds

Before diving into the specifics of Guts Build, it’s important to grasp the fundamental concepts of character builds. A character build refers to the distribution of attribute points, the selection of weapons and armor, and the utilization of various strategies to maximize a character’s strengths and minimize weaknesses. In Elden Ring, character builds enable players to shape their gameplay experience and customize their playstyle.

The Importance of Guts Build in Elden Ring

Guts Build offers a distinctive approach to combat, setting itself apart from other character builds in Elden Ring. By focusing on high strength, vitality, and endurance, this build allows players to wield heavy weapons with ease and withstand significant amounts of damage. However, it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Guts Build before committing to this playstyle.

The unique playstyle of Guts Build encourages players to adopt an aggressive approach. The sheer power of heavy weapons combined with high strength attributes allows players to decimate enemies with devastating blows. Furthermore, Guts Build excels in staggering opponents, granting players the upper hand in battles.

On the flip side, Guts Build sacrifices speed and maneuverability. The heavy weapons and armor associated with this build can hinder mobility, making it crucial for players to plan their attacks carefully and capitalize on strategic opportunities.

Creating a Guts Build


embark on the journey of creating a formidable Guts Build, several key factors need to be considered. Let’s explore the step-by-step process of crafting a powerful character build that embraces the essence of Guts.

Choosing the Right Starting Class

The choice of starting class sets the foundation for your Guts Build. While any class can eventually become a powerful Guts warrior, certain classes offer a head start in attributes that align with this playstyle. Classes like the Knight or Warrior often possess higher strength and vitality, providing a solid base for your Guts Build.

Allocating Attribute Points

As you progress through Elden Ring, you’ll earn attribute points that can be distributed to enhance specific attributes. For a Guts Build, prioritize allocating points to strength, vitality, and endurance. Strength will boost your damage output, vitality will increase your overall health pool, and endurance will improve your stamina, allowing for more consecutive attacks.

Selecting Appropriate Weapons and Armor

Guts Build revolves around wielding heavy, hard-hitting weapons. Greatswords, ultra greatswords, and greataxes are excellent choices that complement this playstyle. These weapons deliver devastating blows but require careful timing and positioning due to their slower swing speed.

When it comes to armor, prioritize heavy armor sets that provide high physical defense and poise. This will allow you to absorb hits without staggering, maintaining your offensive momentum during encounters.

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Understanding Stat Scaling

Stat scaling determines how much additional damage a weapon gains from a specific attribute. Look for weapons with high strength scaling, as this will maximize your damage output. Additionally, pay attention to other scaling attributes like dexterity or intelligence if you plan to incorporate additional elements into your build.

Strategies for Success with a Guts Build

Mastering a Guts Build involves employing effective strategies that make the most of its strengths while mitigating weaknesses. Consider the following strategies to excel in your adventures:

Managing Stamina and Endurance

Stamina management is crucial for a Guts Build. The weight of heavy weapons and armor can quickly deplete your stamina bar, leaving you vulnerable. Learn to strike a balance between offensive onslaughts and preserving enough stamina for defensive maneuvers or evading incoming attacks.

Mastering Parrying and Dodging

While Guts Builds favor offensive prowess, it’s essential to develop defensive skills as well. Mastering the art of parrying can provide openings for devastating ripostes, while well-timed dodges allow you to evade enemy strikes and counter with punishing attacks.

Exploiting Weaknesses of Enemies

Study the behaviors and weaknesses of your adversaries. Guts Builds excel in exploiting enemy vulnerabilities and staggering opponents. Observe attack patterns, identify openings, and unleash powerful strikes to dismantle foes efficiently.

Guts Build Examples and Variations

The beauty of Guts Build lies in its versatility and customization options. Here are a few examples of Guts Build variations you can explore:

Heavy Weapon Specialist

Focused on maximizing damage output, this variation prioritizes strength and wields the heaviest weapons available. Devastating blows become your signature move as you dominate the battlefield with overpowering strikes.

Berserker with Dual-Wielding Weapons

For those seeking a more aggressive and relentless playstyle, dual-wielding weapons can be a thrilling choice. Combine two heavy-hitting weapons, such as greatswords or greataxes, to overwhelm enemies with a flurry of deadly strikes.

The Tanky Brute

If withstanding punishing blows is your preference, this variation emphasizes vitality and endurance. Equip the bulkiest armor sets, wield a massive shield, and absorb enemy attacks with ease while retaliating with calculated precision.

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