You Will Get These Amazing Benefits by Wearing Rudraksha Mala

A Rudraksha bead is the most sacred bead in Hindu mythology. But it is used in many cultures all over the world for spiritual practices. Rudraksha is believed to contain the powers of Lord Shiva. This is because the folklore says that when the Lord Shiv cried, his tears fall on Earth in the form of rudraksha beads.

Hence, the rudraksha beads are highly auspicious. People since ancient times have the belief that wearing a rudraksha will provide many spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits to the wearer.

In this article, we have mentioned the different benefits you will gain by wearing a rudraksha mala and so why you should consider buying one.

Astrological Benefits of a Rudraksha Mala 

A Rudraksha mala consists of 108 beads with one bead being the head of the rudraksha mala. The rudraksha bead of the mala can be of any type – 1 mukhi rudraksha, 2 mukhi rudraksha, and so on. You can choose a type of bead as per your preference. 

In the Rudraksha Mala, the main 108 beads are representative of Shiv-shakti. One half that is 54 beads are Shiv while the other 54 are Parvati.

This combination of powers will fill the wearer with self-confidence, give a sense of a higher self and help them be positive in life.

Indeed, Rudraksha mala provides the following benefits to the wearer:

  • It will make a positive environment near the wearer, and keep negativity at bay. It will work like a protection shield that will envelop the wearer in its positively powerful energy.

  • The Rudraksha bead increases your emotional sense and helps you balance your thoughts as well as energy. This will help you stabilize your flow of energy and your karma. It will help you cover any of your karmic debts, and help you get over your negative vibes.

  • The rudraksha will open your senses, increases your intellect, and will make you alert as well.

  • Rudraksha beads also have the energy to provide courage and strength to the wearer but at the same time, it also keeps the person calm and peaceful.

  • Indeed, the rudraksha is said to neutralize any negative effects of any astrological planet from the birth chart or horoscope of the wearer.

The rudraksha mala is used the most for spiritual practices, especially for meditation and praying. Praying with a rudraksha mala keeps you focused and increases your concentration as well.

It consumes your negativity and helps your mind to relax.

Additionally, the most powerful benefit that an Original rudraksha mala is believed to have is its medicinal properties. Physically the rudraksha heals a person, it keeps the body fit and healthy. The rudraksha strengthens the heart and gives relief from headaches, colds, coughs, and fevers.

Plus, it will heal the wearer from many diseases related to the heart, skin, memory, bladder, and back. Decreasing joint pains is also another health benefit of wearing a rudraksha mala.

Moreover, the rudraksha mala will regulate blood pressure, keep blood circulation intact, and will remove toxins from the body.

Original Rudraksha Mala Price 

A Rudraksha mala is a valuable rosary that will not come cheap. The price will depend highly on the type of rudraksha bead, whether it is One Mukhi Rudraksha, Two Mukhi Rudraksha, or so on.

Mainly there are 1 to 25 Mukhi Rudraksha beads and many more, you can read about the types of Rudraksha here – Types of Rudraksha Beads and Benefits.

Price of the mala also depends on the origin of the rudraksha bead as well as its quality. The size of the bead can also affect the cost. 

Generally, the rudraksha mala price in India starts from INR 700. But it can go above thousands of rupees.

Who Should Wear a Rudraksha Mala?

An original Rudraksha bead is very powerful and warm, its energy is high which is why children below the age of 14 should never wear one.

Also, even adults should wear a rudraksha mala only after a proper consultation session with an astrologer. If you wear a rudraksha and do not feel good about it, you should not wear it. There must be a rudraksha type that will suit you so you should ask a Pandit to ensure which type of rudraksha will suit you as per your birth chart.

Summing Up 

The rudraksha mala is generally made of 108 beads of the same type of rudraksha. This rosary is believed to contain the power of both  Shiv and Gaura. With many benefits, the Rudraksha is said to take the wearer on a spiritual path. Plus, it keeps the person calm and provides many medical properties.

Devotionally and ethically, Rudraksha mala is highly used and is seen everywhere in the ancient times of the Hindu religion.

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